REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. -- The U.S. Army Security Assistance Command Public Affairs Office was recently recognized with two first place awards in the Department of the Army's 2015 Maj. Gen. Keith L. Ware Public Affairs competition. Richard Bumgardner was announced as the Army Civilian Broadcast Journalist of the Year, and the command's 50th anniversary communications campaign was named Army's Outstanding Communications Campaign.

The annual awards competition recognizes Soldiers and Department of the Army civilian employees for excellence in achieving the objectives of the Army Public Affairs Program.

Bumgardner was nominated for Civilian Broadcast Journalist of the Year, based on his support of the USASAC mission, work on the 50th Anniversary communications campaign, efforts to cut costs and activities in the community.

USASAC is responsible for overseeing and implementing Army security assistance programs and foreign military sales. Last year, Bumgardner's videos and photos were viewed thousands of times through USASAC's social media outlets in more than 80 countries, allowing USASAC's command messages and mission to be highlighted to a global audience.

"That's what is great about producing content for an organization with global impact… you literally have a global audience," said Bumgardner. "The Brazil M88 story we did was seen more than 3,300 in 55 countries. That's amazing! It makes it easy to show the great work the USASAC team does on a daily basis."

USASAC's 50th Anniversary communications campaign was designed to celebrate and acknowledge the numerous international partnerships USASAC has developed during the past 50 years, and educate and inform external audiences about the proud history and significant mission of the command. USASAC's public affairs office developed a strategic plan with objectives that incorporated means such as branding materials, written products, a video retrospective and social media to achieve its goals.

"This communications campaign was truly a team effort that used all the talents of the USASAC public affairs staff," said Kim Gillespie, USASAC Command Information/Public Affairs Officer. "It was important to recognize the 50 years that USASAC has performed its security assistance and foreign military sales mission for the Army, and served as the 'Army's Face to the World' by developing relationships with more than 150 nations. The work performed by this command is critical to our national security, and a small, dedicated workforce was the key to its success over the past half-century and will continue to drive the success of its $160 billion program," she added.

The USASAC Keith L. Ware winning submissions were also first place winners in the same categories in its major command's (Army Materiel Command) David G. Harris competition. USASAC public affairs also received first place David G. Harris awards for Video News Report (Brazil M88 JVI story); Video Information Program (USASAC 50th Anniversary Retrospective); and Feature Article (Adriane Elliot).

The USASAC Keith L. Ware winning submissions will now advance to the Department of Defense Public Affairs Thomas Jefferson Awards competition.