The U.S. Army Security Assistance Command has announced its selections for Fiscal Year 2015 Supervisor and Employee of the Year, with three workers earning the recognition.

Antoine Cheatham, EUCOM division chief in the command's EUCOM/AFRICOM Directorate, and Tom Hoskins, division chief in the command's CENTCOM Directorate, shared the honors as USASAC FY '15 Supervisor of the Year. Richard Bumgardner, a broadcast journalist in USASAC's Command Information Office, was named Employee of the Year.

Cheatham oversees the development and execution of security assistance programs with the EUCOM area of operations. Cheatham and his staff were responsible for synchronizing senior leader engagements in more than 10 EUCOM countries, as well as engagements at the Combatant Command and Army Service Component Command levels, which is crucial to building strategic relationships with partner nations and their militaries.

"This award is the result of the super work and dedication of the country program managers within EUCOM and the mentorship of Col. Dave Bennett and Ms. Jacqueline Williams," Cheatham said.

Cheatham's EUCOM division saw the total number of cases it managed increase by 30 percent during the previous year. Even more significantly, there was a 100 percent increase in the number of COCOM and Regional Operations priority cases which require more scrutiny coordination and reporting.

"During this time of continual rise in workload, Mr. Cheatham also had a 50 percent turnover in personnel -- but he and has team continued to exceed mission expectations," Jackie Williams, deputy director for the EUCOM/AFRICOM Directorate, said.

Hoskins is responsible for executing the security assistance mission in support of Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria and Pakistan, which includes a staff of more than 20 people. During FY '15, Hoskins managed the integration of what had previously been the Intensive Management Office into the CENTCOM Directorate. With the addition of the IMO countries, his management workload more than doubled, totaling more than 367 cases processed for 2015.

"I'm blessed to have the opportunity to work with a team of great professionals who help me support USASAC's mission, which I truly believe in," Hoskins said.

Hoskins also led efforts to design, develop and implement the Iraq Train and Equip Fund Tracker that documents and charts newly funded appropriation for Iraq. The ITEF Tracker became the standard for Department of Defense and the Army's security assistance enterprise. He also reduced the processing times for case offers for Afghanistan and Iraq.

"These superb indicators are based on a manager who is completely engrossed in his work in order to exceed mission requirements," Fred Heaggans, deputy director of CENTCOM Directorate, said.

Bumgardner is responsible for the development, scripting, scheduling, production, and post-production of command information messages, news products and information, and promotional materials. The videos he posted on social media channels garnered thousands of views from more than 80 countries, allowing USASAC's message and mission to be highlighted to a global audience.

Bumgardner also produced numerous products celebrating USASAC's 50th anniversary. The documentary he produced about the command's first 50 years is used to not only educate and inform viewers about USASAC, but also serves as official historical documentation for the Army. Bumgardner also supported other organizations in the Army's security assistance enterprise.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense, Exports and Cooperation Ann Cataldo cited his work for "outstanding assistance provided in preparing our Army Air and Trade Show booth for Poland."

During 2015 Bumgardner also volunteered for a four-month developmental assignment to support the ongoing Department of the Army's Civilian Workforce Transformation program, receiving many kudos for his public affairs work.

Cheatham, Hoskins and Bumgardner were also selected for recognition based on suggestions and incentives that resulted in tangible and intangible savings for the command, and for their work in the community. All three workers will be recognized at USASAC's next town hall meeting.