ANAD prepares for LMP Increment 2

By Kenneth Henderson, Jr. Business Transformation Lead, ANADFebruary 1, 2016

ANAD Gets Ready for LMP Increment 2
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Anniston Army Depot (ANAD) is busy preparing for the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Increment 2 by working with the LMP Product Management Office (PMO) and ANAD's M1 Abrams Program Management team. Specifically, ANAD will use the LMP Increment 2 to improve work instructions for the disassembly and reassembly of the M1A2 tank.

ANAD has worked with the Project Manager (PM) Abrams' team to ensure that the tanks' work instructions are compatible with the shop floor automation capability in the LMP Increment 2 - the Complex Assembly Manufacturing Solution (CAMS) module. ANAD's LMP office has also provided support by providing knowledge of how Computer Aided Process Plans are structured in CAMS so that the information within the work instructions will "speak the same language" as LMP CAMS.

A dedicated team of shop floor technicians and quality personnel have been essential in performing the verification and validation of the work instructions migration into LMP. ANAD's technical publications branch also has played a critical role, using National Maintenance Work Requirements, Depot Maintenance Work Requirements, Technical Manuals, and other documents in order to create hyperlinks in LMP to each step of the work instructions to allow quick and easy access to information by shop floor users.

Training already has begun to introduce the ANAD team to the type of equipment and tools that will be used once LMP Increment 2 goes live there, including training on handheld tablets and scanners that will be used on the shop floor to give the workforce mobile computing options, enabling employees to quickly pull up the shop work instructions pertinent to that component.

In all, ANAD is embracing the changes the LMP Increment 2 will bring and working hard to get ready for Go-Live in May 2016.