MANNHEIM, Germany - Seventh Signal Brigade turned an empty field into an operations center during exercise Arctic Dragon, held here at Funari Barracks from Jan. 22 to 25.

During the exercise, the brigade headquarters temporarily moved into a tent-based operations center in order to test the unit's ability to maintain daily functions in a field-like environment and to confirm their equipment load plans.

The 7th Signal Soldiers developed their deployment capabilities by erecting tents, emplacing power sources, and installing phone and computer communication lines.

"If we deploy to an area that's not built-up, now we have the training and ability to set up and operate in a field environment," said Staff Sgt. William Montgomery, a network controller from 7th Signal Brigade's Network Operations Center.

Spc. Domingo Vasquez said this field exercise gave him a "better overview in how each section in the Brigade works in a field environment."

With all sections within arms-reach of one another, Soldiers can see how tasks are accomplished within the unit on a day-to-day basis.

Capt. David Taylor, Headquarters and Headquarters Company Commander, was pleased with his Soldiers' performance during the training exercise.

"If we can operate out of tents, we can operate anytime, anywhere," he said.