The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Soldier Center, located in Natick, Massachusetts, follows a simple mandate: to ensure that American Soldiers are the best fed, the best protected, and the most highly mobile military in the world.

The Soldier Center is one of six research, development and engineering centers within RDECOM, which has the mission to ensure decisive overmatch for unified land operations to empower the Army, the joint warfighter and the nation.

The center's world-class scientists, engineers and equipment designers provide American forces with a wide range of field feeding and life support systems, clothing, precision airdrop systems, and ballistic, chemical, and laser protection systems.

The Soldier Center has created new fabrics, developed food rations to improve Soldier performance and enhanced Soldier shelters for the maximum protection. It maximizes the Warrior's survivability, sustainability, mobility, combat effectiveness and quality of life by treating the Soldier as a complete system.

Challenging Careers

* Computer Engineers
* Electronics Engineers
* Equipment Designers
* Nutritionists
* Physical Scientists
* Research Physiologists

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