WAIALUA, HI - The 500th Military Intelligence Brigade was honored by the State of Hawaii Dec. 19 when the unit was presented a Proclamation for their School Partnership Program involvement with the Waialua High and Intermediate School.
Larry Sagaysay, who on behalf of the 46th District of Hawaii State Representative, Michael Magaoay, presented Brigade Commander Col. Christopher Ballard with the proclamation saying the unit's volunteer work at the school, and participation within the community, was a "selfless commitment and effort."
The partnership between the 500th and Waialua was formed during the summer of 2008. Since classes started in July Soldiers have worked as teacher's assistance inside the classrooms and as after school tutors. Soldiers have also been actively involved in helping with the school's team sports.
The Proclamation was presented at the school during a Christmas party the students and faculty organized in appreciation for the Brigade. Lorri Sonan, the liaison for the school, said the party was the school's way of saying thank you.
During Ballard speech to the more then 100 students, faculty members, parents and Soldiers he reaffirmed the brigade's commitment to the students Waialua High and Intermediate and the local Waialua community saying it was a "great partnership."

"The House of Representatives of the State of Hawaii hereby commends the Soldiers of the 500th Military Intelligence Brigade for their outstanding achievements, professional commitment, dedication, and valuable service to Waialua High and Intermediate school." -- The Proclamation