Rugged Tablets and Notebooks at Work for the LMP Increment 2

By Ms. Christine McMahon (LMP)October 1, 2015

LMP EIB tablet image
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On Jun. 24, 2015, the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Increment 2 Wave 3 went live to three limited fielding sites at Army Materiel Command (AMC). Included in Wave 3 is Expanded Industrial Base (EIB) Automatic Identification Technology (AIT) functionality, which includes shop floor/production execution, production reporting, and material management. Bottom line, EIB AIT makes inventory tracking more efficient while reducing user burden by employing the latest technology to track and manage assets.

To make EIB AIT possible, the LMP Product Management Office (PMO) developed and purchased an LMP-only configuration of Panasonic CF-H2 ruggedized tablets, Panasonic FZ-G1 ruggedized notepads, and Honeywell SR61TG tethered scanners, all of which were shipped to the Increment 2 sites in Jun. 2015 based upon site-specific required delivery dates. Sites also have received a varied supply of docking stations, spare batteries, spare battery charging cradles, and carrying straps to make using the equipment easier.

To support implementation and use of the new equipment, the LMP PMO will manage the contracts with Panasonic and Honeywell, including warranties and ensuring the equipment doesn't become obsolete, as well as providing training and support guides to sites and users. The sites will ensure the equipment is synced properly to local networks, provide training, and establish procedures on how issues are addressed.