Sgt. Tammy Ellis of C Company, 27th Brigade Support Battalion, supervises as a Romanian soldier of the 341 Whitesharks Battalion starts an intravenous infusion during combat lifesaver training. The Romanians are part of the coalition forces at Contingency Operating Base Adder in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Junior St. Hillaire and Sgt. John Schmidt, both experienced CLS trainers, conducted the course. Tasks include tactical combat casualty care, evaluating a casualty, opening and managing a casualty's airway, treating penetrating chest trauma and decompressing a tension pneumothorax, controlling bleeding, starting a field medical card, requesting medical evacuation, evacuating a casualty using a sked or improvised litter, and starting a saline lock and IV.

"This is the first time we [have done] this type of training," said Romanian Cpl. Papadie Cristian. "We learned a lot of new skills and would like to return for further training."