PRAGUE-RUZYNE, Czech Republic -- U.S. Army Lt. Col. Jonathan L. Due, commander of 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, led distinguished visitors through a static display at Ruzyne Military Barracks Sept. 9, 2015 on the eve of exercise Dragoon Crossing.The U.S. static display provided distinguished visitors in attendance an opportunity to meet with Soldiers with 4th Squadron, 2nd CR, to view Stryker combat vehicles up close and explain receive an overview of exercise Dragoon Crossing."It's a great opportunity to train a tactical task, but we can also demonstrate an operational capability the Stryker vehicles," said Due. "Most importantly it's an opportunity to demonstrate what our relationships can do."Lt. Col. Due further stated combined training exercise opportunities with NATO allies are an important pillar to develop leaders."Those relationships [between NATO allies] help point out different cultural factors," said Due. "The operation and interoperability that we have been able to execute with our German, Czech (Republic), Slovak Republic and Hungarian allies is an important lesson for all officers and non-commissioned officers."During the exercise Dragoon Crossing 4th Squadron, 2nd CR will conduct a deliberate water crossing on Sep. 17th, with Hungarian forces just inside the Hungarian border. Paratroopers from the Vicenza, Italy-based 173rd Airborne Brigade will deploy on short-notice and conduct a parachute assault to secure the site to facilitate 2nd CR and allies crossing the bridge."What you're doing is important for collective defense and building trust in the alliance," said Jens Stoltenberg, secretary general for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization." I'm very grateful for your presence, for participating in this exercise in Hungary and showing everyone you have the ability to move your forces the right place at the right time."Dragoon Crossing, a major supporting exercise to Operation Atlantic Resolve, is a demonstration of continued U.S. commitment to the collective security of NATO and to enduring peace and stability in the region, in light of Russia's illegal actions in Ukraine.