JADDILIAH SOFLIH, Iraq - Logisticians met with local Iraqi leaders in order to strengthen the relationship between contingency operating base Q-West and the local villages here, Dec 17.
Col. Martin B. Pitts, commander, 16th Sustainment Brigade and Command Sgt. Maj. James E. Spencer, command sergeant major, 16th Sust. Bde. met with community leader Doctor Mohammed, known as just "Doc Mo," and discussed the security situation in the community and at COB Q-West.
"Establishing and maintaining a vibrant relationship with the local Iraqi leadership is a critical component to the success of COB Q-West operations and more importantly gets at the core of the 16th Sustainment Brigade's Multi-National Division-North mission: fostering a secure, stable and self reliant Iraq," said Pitts.
Dr. Mohammed wanted to meet with the leaders from the 16th Sust. Bde. at his house to share in a custom.

"When you eat together, in Arab culture, it means that you will not stab someone in the back," said Dr. Mohammed. "This is an opportunity to share our culture and build on our relationship with the west."
Dr. Mohammed realizes his importance to the coalition forces.
"Without the help of the locals, it would be tough to know who the insurgents are."
During the visit, Soldiers from the personal security detail, Bravo Co., 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sust. Bde., gave the villages elementary school a new swing set.
"We did it for the kids," said Sgt. Nicholas Nipitella, vehicle commander, PST. "They don't have much and we'll do anything we can do to put a smile on their face for a little bit."
One of children's' fathers said it was a kind gesture from the US Army.
"We thank you very much," said Hussin Ismml. "We thank the coalition forces and will do anything we can to help you."