FORT SILL, Okla. (Aug. 27, 2015) -- As a leading noncommissioned officer, Command Sgt. Maj. Daniel Moriarty has been executing the missions of the Army for the last two years as the CSM for the field artillery branch and the U.S. Army Field Artillery School.

"It is a tremendous privilege for me to have this opportunity to recognize the impact that CSM Moriarty has had here at Fort Sill and across the entire field artillery branch," said Brig. Gen. William Turner, FA School commandant and chief of FA.

The field artillery community said farewell to Moriarty Aug. 21, in front of McNair Hall as they welcomed the 11th FA Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Lehtonen.

During the retreat ceremony, Command Sgt. Maj. Alexis Shelton, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 428th Field Artillery Brigade, passed the noncommissioned officer sword to Moriarty, who in turn passed it to Turner, who placed it in the hands of Lehtonin symbolizing the transition between the leaders, the cutting edge of professionalism, the experience of the organization and its mission.

Moriarty snapped the noncommissioned officer sword closed as his last official act "cutting his ties to the unit."

"He has not only stabilized and improved existing training methods and functions here at the FA School, but he has implemented several new certification programs and initiatives across the Army in order to better prepare artillery men and women for service in their follow on units and their deployments," said Turner.

He said Moriarty led a comprehensive review of individual and collective tasks for the 13 series military occupational specialties (MOS).

"Some tasks were deleted, updated or added and for the first time an actual certification for our fire supporters has been established."

During his tenure, Moriarty has been a part of the return of division artillery (DIVARTY) and also implementing the Army's Soldier 2020 initiatives which included the transition of certain MOSs being opened to women.

"CSM Moriarty has spearheaded the execution of rigorous pilot programs and physical testing for each of our MOSs to ensure success. As a result Army leadership has recently recommended that our 13B and our 13D MOSs will be open to women which will continue the strength of our branch and of our Army," said Turner.

Moriarty is retiring and joining the veteran community after serving in a position he said "every field artillery private dreams of."

He said he reached that level not because of his talent or because his "name was pronounced 'more artillery'" for the first six years of his career.

"I've been blessed throughout my time and my career to be surrounded by the most courageous, talented leaders, Soldiers and civilians and this assignment was definitely no exception," said Moriarty.

"Just when I think you couldn't do any better," Moriarty said to Turner, "You found an upgrade on me by selecting Command Sergeant Major Bob Lehtonen as my replacement. That selection was definitely a coups for our branch, and he's more than capable and qualified for our team, your team now."

Lehtonen inspected both sides of the noncommissioned officers sword and sheathed it symbolizing his first act in his new role and "thereby accepting the responsibilities that come along with his position," said master of ceremonies John Starling, Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security operations officer.

"I know you will continue the legacy of great command sergeant majors who served with balance, energy and motivation and who have accomplished great objectives for our school and our branch," said Turner.

"I'm glad to be back home with the field artillery and Lawton community," said Lehtonen. "It's an exciting time just to be in the United States Army with all the opportunities, challenges that lay ahead of us today and in the future. I'm extremely excited to be joining this team for the next two years to see what we can do."