FORT BENNING, Ga. (Dec. 22, 2008) -- A film crew from Ignited LLC, an advertising agency in El Segundo, Calif., came to Kelley Hill Dec. 12-14 to capture Soldiers at work for a new series of recruitment videos.

The footage will be used to put together interactive videos for recruiters to show potential recruits various military occupation specialties and what each job entails.

"The spots will allow recruiters to show real Soldiers explaining their jobs and show recruits what an MOS is really like," said Lt. Col. James Carlisle, the acting public affairs officer for the 3rd HBCT. "It's great because Soldiers actually become virtual tour guides for the Army."

Ignited, which also put together the America's Army line of video games for Army recruitment, plans to break their footage down into 45-second video spots that will allow recruiters to show recruits a quick example of what each MOS is about. The group has traveled to a variety of Army posts to complete the project.

Pfc. Zachery Mills, a forward observer for the 3rd HBCT's fire support element, was one of the Soldiers filmed.

"They went out and videotaped me doing my job in the field," Mills said. "It will give somebody who sees it a really good idea of what I do."

Ken Dodge, the director and editor of the project, said his project has been a success so far.

"I always enjoy meeting and working with the men and women who serve this country," Dodge said. "When I first started working with the Army, I was astonished at how many jobs there are and how specific each job is."

The video spots will be posted at when they are completed.