FORT CARSON, Colo. -- The 4th Infantry Division and Fort Carson Deputy Commanding General was promoted to the rank of brigadier general by the Army Chief of Staff during a ceremony at Founders Field July 23.

Assisting the Army's 38th chief of staff, Becky Daugherty pinned the new rank on her husband, Brig. Gen. Timothy J. Daugherty, who has served as the 4th Inf. Div. deputy commanding general since his arrival to the Mountain Post in May.

"Today is a great day for our Army," said Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, who commanded the "Iron Horse" Division from October 2001 to June 2004. "We are here to recognize a great leader and a great Family. Most people don't understand how difficult it is to get selected as a brigadier general in the Army. When you start out from being a lieutenant, only 0.8 percent become general officers."

Prior to arriving at Fort Carson, Daugherty served as executive officer for Headquarters, Department of the Army G-3 Operations at the Pentagon.

"Today we live in a very challenging and dynamic era where security requirements continue to grow around the world," the CSA said. "We need leaders who can lead them. We need leaders who are dynamic. We need leaders who understand how to be adaptive, innovative and capable of doing the important things that are necessary for us to be successful. We need leaders who are competent, committed and have incredible character--all of these define Tim Daugherty," he said.

The CSA explained that in a few days Daugherty will be taking the most important position in trying to bring peace and security in Europe. Daugherty will serve as the commander for the 4th Inf. Div. Mission Command Element for the Regionally Aligned Forces mission in Europe. The MCE serves as an intermediate headquarters for U.S. Army Europe under the Army's Regionally Aligned Forces concept. The 4th Inf. Div., is the first division-level headquarters to deploy to Europe as part of the RAF concept.

Daugherty's Family, his wife, Becky, and children, Madeleine, Katherine and Jacob, joined him for the promotion.

Katherine presented her father with a new beret adorned with the new rank, followed by Jacob and Madeleine, who gave their father, respectively, the ceremonial general officer belt and pistol.

Unique to general officers, the general officer belt dates back to 1843, when then Army Chief of Staff Gen. George C. Marshall decided that all generals needed a belt when carrying side arms, except in combat.

During Daugherty's 27 years as an Army officer, he has led in command at every position from platoon to brigade and deployed as a battalion and brigade commander.

"To the Soldiers on the field today, your presence is a tremendous honor," Daugherty said. "To me you represent every Soldier who I have ever worked with. They have given me an amazing effort and have inspired me to be the leader that you deserve.

"I have four keys to success. First pick the right people to admire. Second treat people well and have fun," he said. "I firmly believe the only way you will have a unit perform at its very highest levels is if each Soldier believes that the leadership cares about them, cares about the mission and cares about their Families.

"Number three is simple: work hard," he added. "So, simple as it may be, never let a lack of effort be a factor in whether you succeed or fail. Work hard and do your very best; you never know what might happen. The final key to success is Family."