FORT GORDON, GEORGIA -- Brig. Gen. John W. Baker, commanding general, 7th Signal Command (Theater), was promoted to major general by Lt. Gen. David D. Halverson, assistant chief of staff, and commanding general, Installation Management Command, during a ceremony on July 7, 2015."John Baker excels at command, and our Army is much better because of your commitment, sacrifices and selfless service," said Lt. Gen. Halverson. "It takes a long time to grow a leader in the Army, but the Army always gets it right, and we are going to get it right today by promoting him today."Lt. Gen. Halverson explained that it takes a variety of experiences, training and mentorship throughout a career to develop a leader such as John Baker; it is not a solitary effort. He praised Maj. Gen. Baker's wife, Laurie, and daughters, Alexis and Mackenzie, for their support and sacrifices to Maj. Gen. Baker during his deployments and career."Today we also promote a great Army family," he said. Lt. Gen. Halverson, Maj. Gen. Baker's wife and daughters attached the new major general shoulder boards, and his mother, Doris, attached the new rank to his beret."This day is about two words -- thank you," said Maj. Gen. Baker. "These words can't be said enough to my family, to my friends and to my mentors, and especially, the men and women I've had the honor to serve with all over the world and across our great country; thank you!" Maj. Gen. Baker and his family have served the Army and Nation for many years."For nearly a century now there has been a Baker serving in our Army; from 1917 to today, and in my wife's family, too," said Maj. Gen. Baker. "I'm deeply honored to continue this service to our Nation.Mackenzie sang the National Anthem during the ceremony.Maj. Gen. Baker graduated from Norwich University in 1985, receiving his commission as a second lieutenant. In addition to his degree from Norwich, Maj. Gen. Baker also holds Master's Degrees from Central Michigan University and the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. He is a graduate of the Armor Officer Basic and Signal Officer Advanced Courses, Command and General College, and Industrial College of the Armed Forces.He has served in a variety of staff and command assignments in Germany, Washington, D.C., Florida, Georgia during his 30-year Army career including deployments to Iraq. Maj. Gen. Baker reported last summer to 7th Signal Command (Theater) from U.S. Central Command at MacDill, Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida, where he served as the director of Command and Control, Communications and Computer Systems, J6.