Future Soldiers and potential recruits from the Seattle Recruiting Battalion traveled to Joint Base Lewis-McChord May 16 for the chance to experience the Army team.These potential Soldiers were introduced to Army vehicles and weapons, tried their hand at physical fitness training, and got their first taste of Army food during the Armed Forces Day event."Giving these recruits the chance to see what they would be doing after basic training will make them better prepared and better Soldiers," said Staff Sgt. Terry I. Gadsden, a recruiter with the Tacoma Mall Recruiting Station, Seattle Recruiting Battalion.One major undertaking that recruiters, like Gadsden, assist the future Soldiers with is job selection. He said that recruiters work with potential recruits to find Army jobs they will enjoy and do well in. "Events like this one allows recruits to talk with Soldiers and see what it's really like in the infantry or military police," said Gadsden. This makes it easier for them when it comes time to select the role they will fill in tomorrow's Army.While the focus of the event was on Army life after basic training, a former drill sergeant stopped by to give the future Soldiers a little more push-up practice before basic training."As future Soldiers head out to basic training, they get their first taste of drill sergeants once they get there," said Staff Sgt. Michael D. Commander, a recruiter with the Seattle Recruiting Battalion and former drill sergeant.Commander said that getting a glimpse of the drill sergeant experience before arriving at basic training will better prepare them for what's to come and help them bounce back from the initial shock of basic training.After everything was over, Abigail E.J. Royek, a recruit from Oakharbor, was thankful for the opportunity to ask Soldiers about their work in the Army."As I spoke to the medics, I was able to get an understanding of what I [would] really get to do," said Abigail E. J. Royek, a recruit from Oakharbor. "Getting to know the people that are already in the field that I want to work in, just made me more excited for joining the Army."