To remain relevant to the nation and our Army, the Mission and Installation Contracting Command must continuously strive to be the most efficient and effective command the Army can afford. To that end, we must align our mission with the Army Materiel Command vision for 2025 and beyond while being fully prepared to meet future.One of the top priorities for the chief of staff of the Army is to build adaptive leaders for a complex and ever-changing world climate. Likewise, MICC 2025 is an initiative committed to shaping a multi-skilled workforce guided by proficient leaders with the knowledge, skills and expertise necessary to support a rapidly deployable and sustainable Army and meet the contracting needs here within the continental United States. Maintaining acquisition excellence requires experienced, skilled, empowered and accountable personnel. Those of us that are members of the Army Acquisition Corps must strive to show ourselves to be the competent and educated professionals we are.To best serve our customers, we must first instill in them a strong sense of confidence in our ability to meet their needs. To do this we must have confidence in our ability to provide contracting services in a timely, competent and effective manner. That level of confidence can only be attained when we are thoroughly familiar with the Federal Acquisition Regulation and a firm knowledge of Army contracting processes. This requires each of us to display a sincere willingness to keep learning, a fundamental dedication to behave as professionals and a steadfast commitment to uphold Army and MICC core values.As a professional acquisition workforce, we are held to the highest standards of accountability. Hence, the new warrant testing program serves as a benchmark to increase the level of professionalism in our organization. It serves to ensure that we possess the necessary knowledge and skills for performing our jobs on behalf of Soldiers and their families. It also builds a greater confidence by strengthening a knowledge-based acquisition culture.Employees who are not well-versed in their own subject matter find it difficult to enjoy their work. Those of us who have confidence in our own professionalism, on the other hand, will tend to enjoy our jobs and look forward to the daily challenges we face. I love what I do, and I want each of our MICC teammates to feel the same way. Not a day goes by that I do not discover something new and interesting. All of us should strive to learn more of the intricacies of our profession to make us more efficient in our jobs. Whether we are a contracting officer making source selection decisions, an administrative assistant formatting a letter to our higher headquarters or a budget analyst keeping track of our declining budgets, all of us contribute to the MICC's mission.MICC 2025 ensures we have the appropriate number of qualified civilian and military professionals in the right place. Organizing a competency-based workforce includes various strategies such as recruitment, retention, re-skilling and reshaping at some locations to make certain we can successfully execute acquisition programs. By delivering products and services that perform as promised, we will ensure the workforce has the right training and credentials to execute business strategies focused on meeting the requirements of the warfighter.The MICC is a great place to work because of the many hard-working and dedicated employees who have a sincere desire to support our Soldiers. I am confident that as we implement the initiatives of Force 2025, AMC 2025 and MICC 2025, we will become an even better organization.