SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- The Schofield Commissary Sustainment Project is underway.Beginning March 23, customers will see the first impacts of the renovation work at one of the Defense Commissary Agency's 10 busiest stores.During the current phase 40 feet of the coffin freezers, those that currently hold the breakfast sandwiches, Eggo's and turkeys, will be removed. That portion of coffin freezers will be relocated to the dairy area, so the Commissary can make as many of the displaced items available as possible.In making the announcement, Commissary officials want to reassure customers that operation hours will not be affected. Normal hours will be maintained."This project will be phased to reduce the impact on our patrons," said Brad McMinn, store director, Schofield Commissary. "We will continue to provide updates on a regular basis to keep everyone informed on what to expect."It should take about three weeks to install the new upright freezers in the 40-foot location where the coffin freezers are being removed, which will include the replacement of refrigerated equipment, tiling and light fixtures.• Upgrades comingIn late April, removal is scheduled to begin of the other half of the coffin freezers to install new uprights as part of the major renovation.The extensive scheduled renovation will include a new décor package that will add distinctive signs and interior color schemes. The customer-friendly design is intended to open up the entrance area by moving the public rest rooms to another location near the front of the store, while adding an entrance area ATM.The cart corral will be moved to a covered area just outside the entrance to allow easy retrieval by customers entering the store.The new design will also allow the installation of four more self-checkouts and a new customer kiosk -- an initiative that provides shopping information to new arrivals on the installation.Other key features of the renovation include these:•Installation of a new heat and air ventilation system.•New flooring and ceiling tiles.•Installation of new refrigeration display cases in the produce section.•Refreshing the overall look of the deli area, as well as the store offices and preparation areas of the produce and fresh meat departments.•A new family rest room is included in the rest room changes."Replacing the floors, lighting, fixtures and signage will give the store a new, attractive look," McMinn said.The project is expected to take 14 months to complete and is being funded with Commissary surcharge funds, the 5 percent customers pay at checkout."Many customers ask where their 5 percent surcharge dollars are going. This project answers customers' questions about 'where is my 5 percent surcharge dollars going,'" McMinn said. "All the upgrades are being paid with these surcharge dollars."(Note: Nancy O'Nell, Defense Commissary Agency Public Affairs contributed to this article.)