The Ord Military Community Chapel hosted the "Light in the Night" festival Halloween night for service members and their families.
The event was designed to provide a safer and far less scary alternative to more traditional Halloween celebrations.
"Light in the Night" took six weeks of planning by the Chapel staff which included bouncing houses, games, and a talent show sponsored by the Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC).
The talent show had a wide variety of acts consisting of singing, dancing and comedy. A Frisbee artist and puppet show were also thrown in for good measure.
Kids participating in the talent show needed little convincing to show off their talents for their friends and parents.
"They were jumping at the chance to be in the talent show," said PWOC President and mother of two, Corrie Chitwood, " as soon as their parents mentioned it to them, they were ready to go."
Everyone who participated in the talent show came out a winner as they all received a pumpkin and a candy bar.
Both the Catholic and Protestant congregations were involved in the community outreach event that also provided meals for everyone and pre-checked candy for trick-or-treaters.
"What I like about it is it gives the Chapel an opportunity to tell families in the community that we care about your family, whether or not you ever go to church," said Chaplain Lt. Col. Dan Minjares.
Along with providing a safe environment for children, "Light in the Night" was also a way for the Chapel to do its part to keep the Army Family Covenant, he said.
"I'd much prefer my kids here where I know where they're at," said Chitwood, "and they're getting a good lesson in community and fellowship."