Soldiers in processing to Fort Leonard Wood will "Arrive Strong," with new transitioning procedures being implemented Monday.

"The Arrive Strong community in-processing program implements new and improved in-processing procedures for Soldiers and Families arriving to Fort Leonard Wood," said Michael Martin, Directorate of Human Resources Military Personnel Division chief.

"Arrive Strong will provide a better in-processing experience for Soldiers and Families, and allow them to report to their units with all requirements met and ready for duty," he said.

The Army's personnel processing regulation (AR 600-8-10) establishes guidelines for welcoming and processing each soldier into their new duty station.

Arrive Strong is Fort Leonard Wood's program to meet those regulatory requirements.

Under Fort Leonard Wood's old in processing, multiple mandatory in processing appointments took place once a month.

"This resulted in Soldiers reporting to their units without all of their requirements met. They had to come back to complete in processing, sometimes days, or even weeks, after reporting to their units, which was very disruptive," Martin said. "In-processing activities were also scattered across the installation, requiring Soldiers to visit numerous locations to in-process."

Under the new Arrive Strong program, Soldiers will complete all their in-processing requirements within the first seven duty days after they arrive to the installation.

The new program centralizes in processing at the Soldier for Life Center, Building 470, to minimize the number of other locations the Soldier must visit.

"This program will be the first of its kind. All installations have the same in-processing requirements, but Arrive Strong meets the requirements in a more cost-effective way," Martin said.

"Arrive Strong provides the same service that a permanent party reception company would provide, only without the added cost of a dedicated reception company," he added.

For more information call Felecia Herron-Bryant, Warrior Reception and Departure Center chief at 573.596.0131, ext. 60136.