SAN ANTONIO, Texas (Army News Service) -- Secretary of the Army Pete Geren spoke to Army Recruiting Command leaders during a San Antonio recruiter-of-the-year ceremony Oct. 28 and congratulated them on exceeding fiscal year 2008 goals.

Recruiting Command's goals for FY 2008 were 80,000 for the active Army and 26,500 for the Army Reserve. The active Army accomplishment was 80,517 and the Army Reserve accomplishment was 26,945.

"Your task is not an easy one," Geren told the award-winning recruiters and their leaders during the luncheon speech.

"It is not an exaggeration to say that without you and the Soldiers you lead in recruiting stations across our country that we would not have the Army we have today - the best-led, the best-trained, the best equipped Army the world has ever known. And it all starts with you."

Geren said that the Army of the 21st century would need to dominate land operations by having fully trained and fully equipped Soldiers to win the battle, win the war, win the peace and build a sustainable peace. They will need to conduct offensive, defensive and stability operations nearly simultaneously he said.

"Full-spectrum readiness is a requirement that demonstrates why we need the quality of recruits that you bring into our Army," Geren said. "We must continue to recruit dedicated, smart, flexible Soldiers, not because the next war is going to be the same, but because the next war will be different."

The Recruiting Command's recruiter-of-the-year selection includes:
Aca,!Ac Sgt. 1st Class Lisa Woodrum, NCO of the year
Aca,!Ac 1st Sgt. Kevin Bidwell, first sergeant of the year
Aca,!Ac Master Sgt. Christopher Earle, station commander
Aca,!Ac Staff Sgt. Anika Anderson-Hack, recruiter of the year
Aca,!Ac Staff Sgt. Anthony Robinson, career counselor
Aca,!Ac Sgt. 1st Class Shateria Rahming, Army Reserve recruiter of the year.

Unit awards and team awards were also presented.

(Pearl Ingram serves with Army Recruiting Command Public Affairs.)