FORT IRWIN, Calif. -- Maj. Gen. Theodore Martin, commanding general, here, awarded Havoc Company and Gunslinger Troop, 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment with the flu streamer for having all soldiers vaccinated for the flu Oct. 24.Havoc and Gunslinger are the first companies to have all their soldiers vaccinated for the flu. This award is Havoc's first milestone in tackling Martin's medical readiness challenge head-on.After awarding the streamers, Martin addressed 2/11 ACR with his goal to increase medical readiness of every company. Martin stressed preventative health as a means to ensure every soldier is fit to fight.2/11 ACR has a dual mission of deploying and fighting our nation's wars and conducting rotational support for units training here; a mission that requires soldiers to be healthy and ready to deploy at a moment's notice.Flu vaccinations are just one part of this challenge. Havoc Company continued towards their goal this past week by completing Periodic Health Assessments. Working with the company's medics and the troop medical clinic, Havoc brought its PHA status from partial to complete for each soldier."Havoc Company's next goal is to bring every soldier up to category one on their dental status before December block leave," states 1st Sgt. Jorge Lopez, Havoc Companies 1st Sgt. Soldier's meet the requirement for dental category one by completing annual dental exams if there are no dental problems.At the end of the day, Capt. R. David Pierce, Havoc Company commander states that whether it's PHA's, dental exams or any other medical standard he wants his soldiers to be healthy and ready for whatever mission they receive.