The Northern Warfare Training Center offers two courses for leaders and Soldiers in order to earn the respected Arctic Tab. The Cold Weather Orientation Course, or CWOC, is a four-day course that familiarizes senior leadership with the knowledge and skills required in successfully planning and conducting operations in the cold. This course is typically attended by Soldiers E-7 to O-6The Cold Weather Leadership Course or, CWLC, is a 10-day course that trains squad and platoon-level leaders in the knowledge and skills required to successfully conduct small unit operations in a cold, snow-covered environment. This course is typically attended by Soldiers E-1 to E-6 and O-1 to O-2.The Arctic Tab signifies that a Soldier has the knowledge to better understand the austere environment that our Arctic Warriors face for roughly 9 months out of every year, and have the knowledge required to keep their Soldiers safe while training in such harsh environments. When in doubt seek an arctic tabber out.For enrollment in these courses, please contact your unit's schools NCO or company first sergeant.