SDDC officially accepts former U.S. Navy real estate

By Mr. Mitchell Wrongone Chandran (AMC)November 3, 2008

SDDC accept former Navy property
Col. John R. O'Connor, deputy commander of Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, speaks at the handover ceremony of Military Ocean Terminal Concord, California. SDDC's subordinate 834th Transportation Battalion is stationed at the ter... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

CONCORD, Calif. - The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command officially accepted more than 6,400 acres of former U.S. Navy real estate property during a ceremony Oct. 30 at the Military Ocean Terminal Concord, Concord, Calif.

The property transferred to SDDC is the former Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Detachment (NAVWPNSTA Seal Beach Det.) Concord located next to MOTCO in Suisun Bay.

Col. John R. O'Connor, SDDC deputy commander, officiated over the ceremony.

"Today, we witness a significant event for the Department of Defense as the United States Army accepts control of this strategic site whose value is instrumental in support of our nation's armed forces," O'Connor said.

SDDC's 834th Transportation Battalion is stationed at MOTCO and will be responsible for the daily management of the transferred property.

"The unveiling of this new marquis is a significant step, as we assume our new role in ensuring our customers are given world class transportation services today and in the future," O'Connor said. "Responsible for West Coast Ammunition Terminal Operations, [LTC Russell Cole's] team continues the best traditions of Army surface deployment and distribution throughout California."

The 2005 Defense Base Realignment and Closure Commission recommended closure of the inland area of the NAVWPNSTA Seal Beach Det. Concord, except for property and facilities necessary to support operations in the tidal area.

The 834th Transportation Battalions mission is to conduct surface deployment, command and control, and distribution operations for the Department of Defense through terminals and facilities in California in peacetime and war.