ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. (Oct. 30, 2014) -- The U.S. Army Sustainment Command is providing direct support to Operation United Assistance to combat Ebola in West Africa.

The Army Sustainment Command's, or ASC's, Army Prepositioned Stocks program was tasked to assist in Operation United Assistance to provide 25 Force Provider Modules from assets stored in Livorno, Italy.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are suffering from the Ebola outbreak in West Africa," said Timothy Fore, director of APS for ASC. "The deployment of Army Prepositioned Stocks in support of Operation United Assistance is an example of our ability to rapidly support our nation's humanitarian relief missions and strategic defense objectives around the world."

Force Provider Modules enable rapid deployment and mobility of forces. The modules -- available in 600-, 150- and 50-man configurations -- are capable of providing climate-controlled billeting, shower, latrine, kitchen, power distribution and even morale, welfare and recreation facilities.

ASC issued and coordinated the transportation for 25 Force Provider Modules in 150- and 50-man configurations, approximately 500 tri-con containers, enough life support capability to support 3,450 Soldiers, to Liberia and Senegal, from assets stored in Livorno in less than a month.

The modules will be set up and maintained under the ASC Logistics Civil Augmentation Program by a contractor.

"Each unit had a critical part which made this mission a success and ASC's [Army Field Support Battalion-Italy], had the privilege of being at the center of it integrating this great local Livorno 'Team of Teams' to support the Soldier supporting this crisis," said Lt. Col. Joseph Greenlee, commander, Army Field Support Battalion-Italy.

"It has been a lot of work over the last month but, any time we can directly provide equipment to Soldiers in need by utilizing the full strategic capability of the [Army Prepositioned Stocks] site here in Livorno, Italy, makes it all worthwhile," Greenlee said.

The APS is executed by military and civilian employees stationed here, at ASC headquarters. The program allows the Army to preposition strategic assets in the continental United States and abroad. These assets include equipment required to respond to emergency contingencies and humanitarian crises.

The APS Directorate develops and manages the accountability, funding, storage, maintenance, repairs and is ultimately responsible for the readiness of the equipment. Teams of employees coordinate efforts to ensure equipment is in serviceable condition and up to date with the latest hardware upgrades.

They also manage the transportation requirements for shipping equipment to and from various APS storage locations to ensure the right equipment is in the right place at the right time.

Also in support of Operation United Assistance, ASC issued four Large Area Maintenance Shelters from APS stocks stored in Livorno. LAMS are semi-mobile platforms that provide shelter for maintenance of aviation and ground vehicles. Each shelter comes with equipment for lighting, ventilation and electrical distribution.


U.S. Army Sustainment Command's overall mission is to provide globally responsive strategic logistics capability and materiel readiness to enable combatant commanders to conduct the full range of military operations. It falls under the Army Materiel Command and has seven Army Field Support Brigades to carryout its mission based worldwide.