Chief Warrant Officer 3 Craig Russell completes the 2016 Disney World Marathon Jan. 10 at Orlando, Florida, as part of the four-race Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge. Russell is the office manager for the Mission and Installation Contracting Command Office of Counsel.

Soldier takes 'Goofy' approach toward endurance running

The daily grind of marathon running is often dictated by a strict regimen of properly fueling the body, training for and running a race, and allowing sufficient time for the body to recover for the next event. While all of these factors still play......READ MORE



Plan and execute effective and agile contracting support for U.S. Army Service Component Commanders in support of Army and Joint Operations. Provide effective and responsive contracting support for OCONUS installation operations.

Commanding General

"This is the premier contracting organization that has been very successful in its short, five-year history and -- by the way -- is the only expeditionary contracting capability of its kind across the Department of Defense enterprise. I will continue to build upon the hard work of AMC, ACC and my predecessors to continue to construct critical acquisition and contracting capabilities for our Army and Joint Forces."

Brig. Gen. Michael D. Hoskin, Commanding General, U.S. Army Expeditionary Contracting Command

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