TIKRIT - More than 112,000 people in the Salah Al Den Province are receiving healthcare from the first completed PrimaryHealthcare Center in the north.

Built by local construction companies with quality assurance managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, this $3.35 million dollar facility provides routine and initial emergency care to patients including X-ray, laboratories and dentistry. Medical supplies and laboratory equipment were included in the contract to make this facility complete and operational.

Currently, there are 47 Primary Healthcare Centers under construction in the northern region of Iraq. Seven of those are located in the Salah Al Den Province and are scheduled to open later this year.

"The ... clinics in the program are either replacing existing rundown facilities or are being constructed in areas where there is a lack of health services," said Marilyn Kwentus, a construction project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "The new ... clinics will provide enhanced health-care services to the people of Iraq, which is greatly needed."

This facility is result of the U.S Army Corps of Engineers Gulf Region North and local Iraqi government working together to make healthcare clinics available to as many Iraqis as possible.