YONGSAN, South Korea -- Honors Café, dining facility on Yongsan Garrison, is creating wider accessibility and a healthier menu for its "Grab and Go" station as well as improving the overall quality of the main dining facility.

Chief Warrant Officer 2 Arnetra Hughes, 1st Signal Brigade Food Advisor, says Soldiers often walk a long distance from where they conduct Physical Readiness Training (PRT) in the morning to the dining facility. In order to save time, her team at Honors Café started a mobile "Grab and Go" station at Camp Coiner May 22.

"It guarantees that Soldiers are refueling at the right time after they work out," says Hughes.

Everything in the "Grab and Go" station is meant to be healthy as well, with whole grain breads, boiled eggs, yogurt, and fruits just a few steps away from the normal breakfast fare.
Complex carbohydrates and protein based meals will enhance the Soldiers' performance because while the fried stuff is okay sometimes, eating it all the time is not healthy says Hughes.

The new satellite station at Camp Coiner has been very successful, averaging about 150 people per meal. Hughes says they have received a lot of positive feedback from Soldiers.

"The CG (Eighth Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Bernard S. Champoux) is looking to open up more satellite DFAC's not only here in Yongsan but throughout Korea," Hughes said.

Honor's Café has also increased its staff, added a sandwich bar, and opened up both sides of the dining facility in order to improve service and reduce lines. It's also planning themed food bars as well, such as Mongolian bar, potato bar, and taco bar.

If you're interested in helping improve the Honors Café dining facility, they hold a meeting at 10 a.m. the last Tuesday of every month so that Soldiers can make suggestions.