SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii - 'Watchdog' Soldiers, families, and supporters gathered at Hamilton Field, here, to mark the passing of the 8th Military Police Brigade Colors from Col. Mark Jackson to Col. Duane Miller during a change of command ceremony, July 31.The passing of the unit colors signify the changing of command from one commander to another. The colors symbolize unit esprit de corps, strength and courage. By tradition the colors are never allowed to fall in combat; should they fall, the nearest Soldier picks them up and continues to press forward, leading the way until the objective is taken.Troops filled Hamilton Field to participate in and witness this historic day for the 8th MP Bde. Command teams from the four battalions; 728th Military Police Battalion, 45th Special Troops Battalion, 303rd Explosive Ordnance Battalion, and the 524th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, led their Soldiers onto and off the parade field along with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 8th MP Bde.During the ceremony, hosted by Maj. Gen. Edward Dorman III, commander, 8th Theater Sustainment Command, an assumption of responsibility occurred when Command Sgt. Maj. Angelia Flournoy joined the official party as the incoming command sergeant major and received the unit colors from the new brigade commander and assumed responsibility of the 8th MP Bde.After the passing of command and assumption of responsibility; Jackson, former commander, took to the podium to address 'Watchdog' Soldiers for the last time.Jackson personally thanked many in attendance and many whom were unable to be on hand for this historic day by name; for their support, guidance, mentorship, and friendship during his command.To the 'Watchdog' Brigade, Jackson said, "to my 14 battalion command teams, and 60 plus company command teams… thank you for your selfless service and sacrifice, you truly operated at the speed of trust. We are each other's legacy; an integral part of one another's lives for the remainder of our days."To the Soldiers that stood before him on Hamilton Field, Jackson said, "to the Leaders and Soldiers of the 8th Military Police Brigade know that I take so much more away with me than I was ever capable of giving. I shall never have a better title than commander, 8th Military Police Brigade; it signifies a brief moment when I stood in the midst of giants… the leaders and Soldiers of the 'Watchdog' Brigade."After a long and vociferous applause for Jackson; the ceremony's narrator, for the first time, introduced Miller as commander, 8th MP Bde.From the podium, the new 'Watchdog' commander, began his remarks with an enthusiastic "Aloha!""Soldiers, civilians, and Family members… thank you for your service and commitment to this awesome community and our Army," said Miller.He continued, "it is never easy to follow in the footstep of Mark [Jackson, outgoing commander], we are all so fortunate to have inherited an awesome team that you have built over the past two years. I value your friendship, you will be missed personally and professionally, as you begin your transition, your legacy will not be forgotten."Miller reflected on the members of the 'Watchdog' Brigade whom could not be in attendance for the ceremony."Today, many, more than 450, Soldiers and civilians couldn't be with us as they continue to provide support to the community, training or deployed across the globe supporting operations in defense of our Nation. You and your families are in our thoughts, every day," said Miller.In concluding his remarks, Miller said, "the command sergeant major [Command Sgt. Maj. Angelia Flournoy], Heidi [Miller's wife], Madison [Miller's daughter] and I are honored to be here today, the opportunity to be part of the team of Soldiers, families and civilians in service to our country… a privilege that we do not take lightly. Sir [Maj. Gen. Dorman], Soldiers, civilians, and family members we are humbled, proud and we are ready." The new 'Watchdog' Brigade Commander added, "God bless all our Soldiers, civilians and families. Sustain the fight! One team, one fight! Watchdogs!"