WASHINGTON (TRADOC News Service, Oct. 6, 2008 -- Gen. Wallace says he is impressed when he sees the personal commitment of the young men and women in ROTC and JROTC. He is impressed with the commitment they have made to the greater good.

The general joked that this group is one of the few he gets to speak with where the average age is closer to 20 than 70.

He said that he is looking at the future of our Army.

Wallace noted that TRADOC doesn't fight any fights, but TRADOC establishes the foundation of our great Army.

The TRADOC commanding general announced the new Army Field Manual, FM 3-07 "Stability Operations".

"Today, it is my privilege to announce the release of the Army's new doctrinal manual, FM 3-07, Stability Operations," said Wallace. "We did this with extensive collaboration and input from the Department of State, the U.S. Agency for International Development or USAID and numerous other governmental and nongovernmental agencies, the Army's new Stability Operations doctrine establishes a common, shared frame of reference to help define and coordinate military engagement activities within a larger paradigm of conflict transformation. FM 3-07 talks about common purpose, the use of common language and the importance of unity of effort."

The general noted that FM 3-07 is not a revolution in military affairs, but it is a reformation in our way of thinking and our understanding of the role military forces play in supporting national strategy goals.

Wallace told the cadets, "These operations "amongst the people" will require an expeditionary, campaign-quality force comprised of intelligent and capable young men and women willing and able to serve this country and the world. Namely...YOU!"

The general added, "our doctrine asserts that to 'counter the uncertainty of war' commanders should "delegate the greatest possible authority to subordinates [to help them] adapt operations to the situation quickly and retain the initiative." Empowering subordinates is the hallmark of Army leadership. With that said, in just a short time, much will be expected of you as junior officers and leaders in the United States Army."

The general talked about the training that the cadets are receiving and something to for them to remember.

"Never forget that you are a student first," said Wallace. "There will be plenty of time and opportunity later for you to continue to develop your leadership skills, but right now the most important thing you can do to prepare yourself to excel for a life in the Army is to apply yourself in your studies, broaden your horizons and learn. In the Army we never stop learning, so develop that thirst for knowledge and those good study habits now, they are the same attributes that will help you in the future."