At the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), our goal is to provide warfighters with advanced technological solutions to ground vehicle systems challenges. To do that, we must overcome the numerous design, development, manufacturing and product technology gaps identified in our 30-Year Strategy. Whether you're a member of industry, academia or another government agency exploring ways to partner with us, we welcome your interest and potential contributions towards our organization's research and development (R&D) initiatives.

Our capabilities handbook is designed to introduce you to our organization's unique laboratory and testing capabilities and the expertise of our technicians, scientists and engineers. This technical staff leads research in ground systems survivability, power and mobility, intelligent ground systems, force projection and vehicle electronics architecture. Consequently, our 30-Year Strategy is a dynamic plan that serves as a framework to guide our investment decisions, which includes our infrastructure, in-house R&D capabilities and the test facilities outlined herein.

TARDEC's 30-Year Strategy emphasizes the need to balance our investments among those that support current Programs of Record, and those that will provide leap-ahead technology advancements and transitional solutions to support our Future Force. Accordingly, we offer a variety of opportunities to create partnerships to accelerate the delivery of new capabilities, while avoiding unnecessary development costs along the way.

Collaborative partnerships -- whether with industry, academia or other government agencies -- remain vital to TARDEC's success. We can't achieve our 30-Year Strategy on our own, and we welcome any new ideas that potential partners or colleagues can bring to bear on our collective goals. We're glad you're viewing this handbook. We encourage you to engage TARDEC by visiting us at and clicking on "Contact TARDEC" for the latest news, information and opportunities. Through this site and our other communications media, I hope you gain a thorough understanding of where TARDEC is going and how we propose to get there.

Engage us! Together, we can collaboratively develop game-changing ground systems capabilities to ensure battlefield dominance for our current and future warfighters.