Now that Staff Sgt. Amy Justice has been selected for induction into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club, the 30-year-old chaplain's assistant, 7/95th Regiment, 4th Brigade, 94th Training Division, is looking for her next challenge.

"I'm looking to go to Air Assault School, and Pathfinder, and whatever schools they'll let me go to," said Justice, who's a trained paratrooper. "I want to reach combative level three since I'm level two certified."

Justice also earned the 80th Training Command (TASS) 2014 Best Warrior title by beating out 14 other Reserve Soldiers from across the command during a competition at Fort Knox Ky., March 17-21.

She said courage motivates her to overcome obstacles and reach her goals as a Soldier.

"I'm afraid of heights and I'm…airborne [qualified]. Going to this board scared me, I was shaking going into it but…I didn't run away," said Justice, a Jacksonville, Fla., native who currently lives in Dallas, Texas. "The Best Warrior Competition scared me and I still did it."

Command Sgt. Maj. Jim Wills, 80th Training Command (TASS) senior enlisted leader, encouraged Justice to try out for induction into the SAMC and Command Sgt. Maj. Kelly Largent, the battalion senior enlisted leader, recommended her.

"Knowing the type of Soldier she is I basically supported that decision," said Sgt. 1st Class Samuel Gilpin, Justice's supervisor and sponsor who's also a SAMC 2013 inductee. "When you have Soldiers like her who can perform at that level you can't ask for anything better."

He said time was their biggest challenge preparing for the board since Justice is pursuing a master's degree from the Dallas Theological Seminary and the two Citizen-Soldiers live an hour away from each other.

"Sometimes we'd study at the unit, but most of the times we'd meet up at her home," said Gilpin who also helped fellow Soldier Sgt. 1st Class Carvonia Scott become a 2013 inductee by being her sponsor.

The Sgt. Audie Murphy Club, named after the United States Military's most decorated veteran, is a private U.S. Army organization for enlisted non-commissioned officers that began at Fort Hood Texas in 1986.

Candidates are formally recommended for membership based on their leadership abilities, and for showing genuine concern for Soldiers and the Soldiers' families. The competitors then appear before a panel of senior NCOs for a painstaking verbal examination.

Justice who qualified for the SAMC at Fort Knox, June 6, 2014 will be inducted, tentatively, in September with Sgt. Bridget Hoffman, 3rd Brigade, 100th Training Division, who was selected in March.