CARLISLE BARRACKS, Pa. -- The U.S. Army South deputy commander traveled to Carlisle Barracks, Pa. to witness the induction of the Chilean Army commander into the U.S. Army War College (AWC) International Fellows Hall of Fame.As a testament to the strong and enduring relationship between the U.S. and Chilean armies, Brig. Gen. Orlando Salinas, Army South deputy commander, was on hand during the induction ceremony for Gen. Humberto Oviedo, the Chilean Army commander, as he became the 48th member of the hall of fame and the first from a South American country."Chile has been a phenomenal partner in our region and their army has truly emerged as one of the world leaders within our area of responsibility," said Salinas. "This ceremony is indicative of the bond between our armies."Several of Oviedo's colleagues from the AWC class of 2000 were in attendance during the ceremony, including Maj. Gen. Simeon Trombitas, the former commander of Army South."The personal relationships which began over 14 years ago are further inculcated by today's ceremony," said Salinas. "These relationships are important and the bonds that were established here will last a lifetime."Oviedo said his time at the U.S. Army War College is something that has positively influenced him during his rise to the top position in the Chilean Army."More often than you'd imagine, as the commander of the Chilean Army, I've had to fall back on what I've learned here in order to search for better solutions to solving problems," said Oviedo. In addition to the educational benefits, Oviedo stressed the importance of friendships that were forged during his time at the institution."The greatest contribution of the United States Army War College, apart from the valuable knowledge I acquired, was the opportunity to make contact with different teachers and students over a wide cross-section of diverse areas, origins and nationalities," said Oviedo. "No matter the distance or time that has passed, the friendships I made here facilitate the interaction between our countries and our military institutions."During the ceremony, the auditorium was filled with current students both from the U.S. and from other nations around the world. Salinas said it was a great opportunity for them to see the importance of the relationships established at the War College.Speaking to an audience that included his family members, friends, fellow Chilean officers and current faculty members and students, Oviedo described his time at the college as an experience he will continue to carry with him throughout his military career and beyond."I promise to be an honorable and favorable representative of the United States Army War College and I will act as its representative both in my country and when abroad," said Oviedo. "Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this prestigious educational establishment and for making me part of this history."