ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - More than 625 people from all over the region attended the APG Job Fair & Expo March 26 at the APG (North) recreation center. The event was open to all job seekers, active duty military personnel, retired service members and spouses.

The three-hour fair was presented by the Army Community Service Employment Readiness program, the APG Military Personnel Office/Directorate of Human Resources, the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing & Regulation, local veteran service organizations, and the Susquehanna Workforce Network.

More than 75 vendors represented at the gathering ranged from Lockheed Martin and SURVICE Engineering Co. to Herr's Snacks, Towson University and Plastipak Packaging Inc.

Deputy Garrison Commander Glenn A. Wait said he was quite pleased with the fair?'s turnout. "Team APG knows that job fairs are an investment in one's future," he said. "This job fair provided a `one-stop shop' for our Veterans, Army Civilians, Family Members and even our community partners to meet employers looking to grow their teams.

"Face-to-face contact with prospective employers is crucial in today's competitive job market," Wait said. "A job seeker may send out hundreds of `faceless' resumes and fill out multiple online applications, but there is nothing better than direct interaction with employers. A job fair allows an individual to deliver a `one-minute elevator speech?' to the employer that is focused on marketing their skill set and personal qualities. It provides an outstanding forum to make a great impression. It is my belief that the APG job fair did just that."

Prior to the fair's opening, the line of attendees stretched down the hall nearly to the recreation center library.

"I just came here to figure out my next step," said Aberdeen resident Jennifer Overmyer, an Army veteran, former civil affairs employee and recent new mom. "I want to get back into the workforce and this was very helpful for me; just to hand out resumes and get some business cards. It was pretty good."

APG Contracting Officer Ercilia Delorbe, from Havre de Grace, said she attended the fair to learn about what's going on in today's vocational climate.

"It was helpful just to see what kinds of job opportunities are available," she said. "It never hurts to look around and see what your options are. You can't limit your resources. You always have to educate yourself and see what companies are looking for."

For job information or resources, contact Marilyn Howard, ACS Employment Manager 410-278-9669