ANSBACH, Germany (April 8, 2014) -- In the rush to get ready in the morning, to keep dishes and clothes clean, and to maintain the lawn, it's easy to forget the dozens of simple ways you can cut down on water consumption. That's why The Franconian News turned to three resources to find out how.

We first consulted with students from Ansbach Middle High School to see how they conserve water on a daily basis. You can check out their responses with photos that accompany this story.

Next, Regina Kranz, energy manager and utility engineer with the U.S. Army Garrison Ansbach's Directorate of Public Works, provided a list of water-conservation tactics directly from the DPW Energy Conservation Guide that will save the community some water and save USAG Ansbach community members some money. The guide's water-conservation section is available below.

The list is aimed at those who live in on-post housing areas, but most of the measures are useful in off-post housing and offices as well. And don't forget: Running hot water is not only a water issue, but an energy issue too, so DPW recommends using cold instead of hot water whenever possible.

On-post housing tips:
- Pavement and sidewalks should not be cleaned by hosing down the area.
- All leaks are to be reported to the DPW for immediate repair. A faucet dripping at the rate of one drop per second will waste 3,000 gallons of water per year.

Save water during bathing, showering and personal hygiene:
- Take a shower instead a bath
- Keep the valve closed when you are brushing your teeth, shaving, etc.

Water conservation while washing clothes and dishes:
- Do not wash your dishes under running water
- Always use the saving programs of clothes washers and dishwashers
- Start the machine only when completely full

Water conservation when watering your plants:
- Water your plants, if possible, only with collected rainwater.
- Water your plants only in the evening. Otherwise too much water evaporates.
- Do not water your lawn. After a longer drought period, the grass will turn green again after only a few days of rain.

Save water during car washing:
- Waive frequent car washing
- Wash your car only at designated car wash facilities
- Do not use hot water for car washing purposes

DPW recommendations regarding water conservation fixtures:
- Flow limiters with tap aerators
- Water-saving single-lever mixing valves
- Thermostatic fixtures
- Automatic shut-off fixtures (to be used in public facilities)
- Low-flush or ultra-low-flush toilets and/or waterless urinals

One other resource is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency website, which has a comprehensive list of water-conservation strategies. To see them, visit or click the link in the "Related Links" section.