FORT JACKSON, S.C. (April 3, 2014) -- Dozens of Fort Jackson Soldiers put their skills to the test this week for the coveted Expert Infantryman Badge, taking part in extensive field tests. The challenges pushed both mind and body as Soldiers were asked to apply first aid, participate in live fire scenarios, conduct routine security procedures, read maps and illustrate their knowledge of infantryman skills across a variety of areas.Established in 1943, the EIB is awarded to Army personnel who hold infantry or special forces military occupational specialties. Soldiers must complete a number of prerequisites and pass a battery of tests on basic infantry skills, including areas like day and night land navigation, first aid, patrol lane tasks and moving under direct fire.The annual test is capped off by a 12-mile foot march, which Soldiers must complete in three hours while carrying an M4 and wearing more than 40 pounds of combat gear.