YONGSAN GARRISON, Republic of Korea - Kristina Bean, 12, spent most of the summer riding horses while on vacation in the United States. Coming back to Yongsan, she graduated to bulls - mechnical, that is.

She was one of dozens of country fans who participated in Yongsan Lanes Country Night that culminated weeklong activities as part of National Bowling Week.

"The mechanical bull in the middle of the bowling alley . I don't think any other place is doing what we do here," said Robert Victorine, bowling center manager. "We want to create excitement and involve the community."

The week's finale also brought in bowlers to get a chance to be part of a potential Guiness Book of World Records event, called "Millions Striking."

"Yongsan Lanes and other bowling alleys in the United States and at U.S. Army installations worldwide participated to break the world record," Victorine said.

All day long, each game bowled added to a worldwide count of games bowled in that one day. Yongsan bowlers added 636 games to the overall count, yet to be determined.

But the mechanical bull riding competition took center stage Saturday evening. Riders who managed to hang on for eight seconds were then judged on their form, and prizes were awarded for the best rider and best cowboy and cowgirl outfits, along with other giveaways throughout the night.

Kristina and her mother, Angela, said they were "very excited" when they heard about the Country Music Night.

"When we came back from the states, we read (about the event) in the Morning Calm. My daughter was so excited about this," Bean said. "We wore the country outfit from head to toe."

Kristina even won the best cowgirl outfit competition. "I have never ridden a bull before, so we were very excited," Kristina said. "It was very fun."

For the best cowboy outfit competition, judges chose Spc. Allen Mitten, 18th Medical Command.

Pfc. Christopher McKeithen, also with MEDCOM, won the bull riding contest.

"I have never seen a bull in a bowling alley," McKeithen said. "This was awesome. I really had a great time."