ARLINGTON, Va. - Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall will soon have public access defibrillators in a majority of its public buildings. The devices are being placed in offices as well as other locations with high public access, like the commissary, community center, shoppette, both base chapels and post office on the Fort Myer portion of the joint base.

Public locations on the Fort McNair portion of the base include National Defense University buildings.

"Public access defibrillation has been around for some time now," said Capt. James Angerett of JBM-HH's directorate of fire and emergency services. "The objective of this program is to place them in places with easy access to the general population, combined with CPR-certified providers with the goal of increasing the survival rate of sudden cardiac arrest."

According to the American Heart Association, more than 400,000 people suffer from cardiac arrest every year. There is less than a five percent survival rate with CPR alone.

The association's website says cardiopulmonary resuscitation and defibrillation with automatic external defibrillation within three minutes of arrest increases the chance of survival to 70 percent.

About 35 buildings on JBM-HH, including the Fort McNair portion of the joint base, will have defibrillators installed. The devices will be mounted in wall cabinets in central, advertised locations in designated buildings.

The fire captain said some public buildings already have the device, including most of Henderson Hall's public buildings.

The process of training and installing the devices is being conducted in three phases: facility manager training; unit installation in the designated buildings on the joint base and a series of voluntary CPR and AED training for individuals to qualify to use the PADs.

On Feb. 24, Angerett held three mandatory training classes on PADs for JBM-HH facility managers at the Combined Operation Facility, Building 417, on the Fort Myer portion of the joint base. Nearly 20 people attended this training. Attendees listened to an audio-visual presentation and received hands-on defibrillator training.

Angerett will hold two additional one-hour training sessions for facility managers, March 14 from noon to 4 p.m., Building 417 (COF), room 107 and March 24, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Building 417 (COF), room 218.

For additional information, contact Angerett at the JBM-HH fire department at 703-696-3483 or 703-696-5302 or email