Spotlight on … Sgt. 1st Class Quadedra E. Corey 412th Contracting Support Brigade's 904th Contingency Contract Battalion Team contracting specialist, Mission and Installation Contracting Command-Fort Knox, Ky.Describe your current position: As the senior noncommissioned officer contract specialist, I supervise four noncommissioned officers. My additional duties include safety officer, equal opportunity NCO, and event coordinator.Describe your passion for the job: I love doing this job. I could not have picked a better career field and better organization to be a part of. I am mission-focused, knowing that I am helping Soldiers in order to support the fight.Where do you call home, about my family? I was born in Newark, N.J. I have my associate's degree and am enrolled in Excelsior College for Business Management. I have only five classes remaining to complete my bachelor's degree by June 2014. I am married to Melvin Corey Jr., who is also in the military. We have five kids, three girls and two boys. My oldest daughter will be graduating school in 2014. My youngest son is 7 months old.How does your job support the Soldier? I provide services and commodities of contracted support to include delivery of necessary supplies. I also support Soldiers by providing other basic services and supplies for the Army Cadet Command. I was assigned to the Government Purchase Card section, where I conducted audits and set up accounts for GPC users. I am now assigned to the contract administration section where I am responsible for conducting options, modifications and making sure the customer gets paid.What would you like others to know about you? I am a dedicated Soldier focused on the mission. I always go above and beyond to learn more things about contracting. I get along with everyone, always seeking more work, helping others complete their work, to include civilians. I was a new contract specialist who only had six months in contracting, and Pete Hunter, an assistant director with the MICC Office of Small Business Programs, told me I had the one of the best paperless contract files at MICC-Fort Knox. I am a very proud noncommissioned officer who continues to serve with pride and dedication to duty.