ILLESHEIM, Germany (Dec. 30, 2013) -- For many, the holiday season is a time for family and reflection. With the lull in the hustle and bustle of busy schedules, we like to take the time to recharge and determine what it is we really want from life, and chip away at those goals one year at a time.New Year's resolutions sprout from much of the downtime, giving us an opportunity to reflect much on the past and hope greatly for the future. When it comes to resolutions, personal health is perhaps one of the most common we project for ourselves.We want to be more attractive for our spouses. We want to play sports with our children. This year many of us are determined to go to the gym every day, run a marathon, lose 10 pounds or quit tobacco.We think that if our personal fitness is managed, we will also be able to manage other aspects of our lives, or as the Latin phrase says it: Anima sana in corpore sano, or sound in body, sound in mind.As part of the medical community, we want to ensure you reach your goals with as much information and assistance as you need.At the Illesheim Army Health Clinic, we can assist you with an overall health assessment, set up appointments to consult with a nutritionist, set up tobacco cessation courses and answer any of your health questions. There are even a few ways we can help you during your vacations:TRICARE OnlineTRICARE Online has an array of great resources for TRICARE beneficiaries and their family members. Ever been away from the phone and remembered that you needed to make that appointment you've been planning? With the Appointment Center you can view, book and cancel appointments available with your Primary Care Manager. Visit to learn more.RelayHealthMaybe one of the coolest features in Army Medicine right now, RelayHealth is a direct way to communicate with your health care providers while you're out and about. RelayHealth is a secure messaging system for any non-urgent questions you may have for your provider. Within 72 hours, you should receive a response from your PCM team regarding your specific health questions (it even allows you to upload pictures). The site is easy to use: H.E.A.L.T.H.This is a smartphone app and Web-based tool that works around your personalized plans for nutrition and fitness. Find the tool here: Accomplishing a personal health goal can be daunting without the support or knowledge. Let your medical team help you get on the right track.For more information about the Illesheim Army Health Clinic and our mission, visit our website at or call 09841-83-4512 or (DSN) 467-4512.