Points of Contacts
Service Order Desk, 724-3360
Work Order (FEWR), 724-3500


* What is a Service Order?

A service order is a request for repair services that can be accomplished within 8 working Hours, or less than $2,000. This includes most normal household repairs and maintenance of already established features & structures.

* Emergency Service Orders, call anytime: 724-3360 or by emailing at USAG-Yongsan DPW Service Order Desk



* What is a Work Order (FEWR: Facility Engineering Work request)?

A FEWR is a request for services or minor construction that requires more than 40 hours or above $2,000.

* A work request is work that is beyond the scope of work of a service order. The customer service representative (DSN: 724-3500) can tell you if the work you are requesting requires a DA Form 4283. You can either submit the form in our office in Bldg#1382 at Main Post, USAG-Yongsan or use form to send USAG-Yongsan DPW Work Order Section your work order request via email at usarmy.yongsan.imcom-pacific.list.usag-yongsan-dpw-fewr@mail.mil

* Work order Schedule, call (08:00~17:00): 724-8667


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