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By U.S. Army Garrison YongsanNovember 17, 2016

What Army Community Service provides to the Community:

Relocation Assistance Program - Assists personnel and families moving from one community to another. Includes worldwide installation files and computer data, newcomer orientation, services to bicultural families, relocation counseling, English and Korean classes, pre-move workshops, and sponsorship training.

Loan Closet - Provides basic household items for soldiers and families arriving or departing Korea who are without personal items..

Central Intake/Information and Referral - Provides information regarding military and civilian community resources, in-processes individuals new to the community, and provides clearing information for out-processing personnel.

Soldier and Family readiness

Exceptional Family Member Program - EFMP works with other military agencies to provide comprehensive and coordinated medical, educational, and community support for families with Exceptional Family Members (EFM). Assists families in solving individual and community EFM issues and problems, such as inaccessible facilities and programs. Facilitates support groups to provide information and resources for EFM.

Family Advocacy Program & Parent Support - Helps to prevent, identify, report, intervene in and treat all aspects of child abuse, neglect and domestic violence. Provides classes, resources and other services to strengthen Army Families in the areas of: parent education, single parent network, new parent support, safety for kids, stress and anger management, domestic violence prevention, victim advocacy, sexual assault response, shelter coordination, respite care and emergency placement care.

Outreach Services - Targets individuals/families with the greatest need and provides assistance through services or referrals. The Outreach Program Coordinator travels to installations throughout Area II providing ACS programs and services to DOD personnel without an ACS Center on site. Annually, conducts a Needs Assessment Survey to monitor and evaluate effectiveness of current programs. ACS Outreach Center at Hannam Village offers a loan closet, language classes, information & referral, and other services.

Army Family Team Building - Volunteer instructor and student opportunities to prepare for the challenges of military life. Three levels of classes cover such topics as military terms and acronyms; customs and courtesies; family expectations; grade and command structure; communication and leadership skills.

Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) -- A way for Soldiers and Family Members to let Army leadership know what works, what doesn't - and what they think will fix it.

Financial Readiness - Focuses on improving the soldier's financial status and ability to be an informed consumer; provides practical assistance on budgeting, checkbook management, debt liquidation, consumer advocacy, and consumer complaint resolution.

Personal Financial Management Training (PFT)- An 8-hour course provides tools necessary to handle money wisely and to make informed purchasing decisions. This course, mandatory for E-4's and below at first permanent duty station, is offered on the first and third Tuesday of each month.

Army Emergency Relief (AER) - Provides emergency assistance to military personnel and their family when a valid emergency exists. AER Form's 600 (Commander's Referral) or 700 is required.

Deployment, Mobilization Stability and Support Operations - prepares and equips families with useful training and emergency procedures to follow in cases of crisis. ACS has Operation READY Training Modules and is available to train Family Readiness Groups, Rear Detachment Commanders and others upon request.

Employment Readiness Program (ERP) - Assists eligible family members who are currently in the market for a job, just arriving in country or in the process of leaving. ERP provides accurate, timely information and other support services necessary to minimize employment problems associated with moves. Offers up-to-date job listings, Resumix and resume writing assistance. Provides job applications for different on-post agencies. Twice yearly Spouse Employment and Education Seminar provide spouses with the information necessary to find employment.

Army Volunteer Corps - Links volunteers with over 73 programs and community agencies that offer volunteer positions. Volunteering provides opportunities to experience new career fields, gain additional training and become involved in meaningful work experiences.

Eligibility - All branches of the Armed Forces, DoD Civilians, Retirees and their family members.

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