APPLETON, Wis., (Dec. 12, 2013) -- In the past decade USAREC has taken many steps to stay relevant with the ever changing technology. From the Army Recruiting Information Support System 2K to smart phones, the command has upgraded the tools a recruiter uses to ensure they have the best technology available to assist them in their recruiting duties. But sometimes Soldiers on the ground take the technology one step further.First Sgt. Robert Bramlitt, Appleton Company, couldn't wait to get his hands on his new Galaxy S4. He had a plan to make the phone more fuctional for his recruiters while they were in their local communities."I figured since we were issued a smart phone, there had to be a way for my recruiters to leverage that technology immediately instead of waiting around and having a smart phone that they couldn't do anything smart with," said Bramlitt.Bramlitt developed an app that would allow his recruiters to monitor Twitter accounts, the link to, display all the documents a recruiter is required to carry on them from the battle buddy card to the SHARP card, find other company recruiters on a Google map and complete a lead form. All this can be accomplished with the touch of a single icon. A recruiter can show a prospect the benefits the Army offers, find another recruiter, similar to using the Blue Force Tracker, or gather basic lead information minus PII."It was my first go round. I had never tried to create an app before but figured it was worth a shot and it wasn't that hard," said Bramlitt.Bramlitt did some homework and learned from internet searches how to build an app, experiencing some trial and error during the process. He went through a testing phase at home playing with the app and got it working as well as he could with no cost.While the app is limited right now due to the fact that it's hosted through a free service, it gives the personnel in the G6 a base to work from in developing the next tool to assist the recruiting field force.