ANSBACH, GERMANY (Oct. 31, 2013) -- The idea blossomed at a Stammtisch, the monthly get-together of Outreach-KONTAKT the German-American friendship program designed to bring U.S. service members and their families closer to their German neighbors. Several American participants volunteered to introduce their German friends to a "truly American Halloween" and invited them to Katterbach Kaserne Oct. 31.

The first stop on the list was the Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers' Haunted House in the former Military Clothing Sales building across from the Katterbach Shoppette. Violeta Bayer from Outreach-KONTAKT Herrieden admitted that she was a little anxious about what was waiting for her inside.

"I hope I will not be too scared" said her daughter Johanna.

Despite zombie attacks and getting lost inside the Haunted House, all participants of the group made it safely out the back door, ready for the more mellow part of the evening.

To calm their nerves the visitors went to Hangar 5 to the "Trunk-or-Treat" hosted by 5th Battalion, 158th Aviation Regiment. The decorative trunks and the imaginative costumes of the attendees showed off the family-friendly side of Halloween.

"As Americans living in Germany, the Germans are always showing us their customs and holiday celebrations, so it was a great opportunity to show them how we celebrate one of our holidays," said Robert Forsythe, a member of Outreach-KONTAKT Herrieden and Ansbach.

To learn more about the German-American friendship program, visit or or call the USAG Ansbach Public Affairs Office at 09811-83-7786 or DSN 468-7786.