Bavaria Military Community teammates,

Throughout our nation's history, Americans have answered the call to military duty on behalf of their fellow countrymen.

This weekend, we honor these patriotic men and women, whose profound acts of citizenship -- service in the U.S. armed forces -- have safeguarded our country for 238 years and guaranteed our cherished rights.

During this special long weekend, members of the Bavaria Military Community will be traveling to visit family and friends, or simply enjoying a final fall vacation before winter kicks in.

Therefore, I'm asking for leaders at all levels to ensure our Soldiers, civilians and family members are aware of the hazards associated with changing weather conditions, especially in this part of Europe.

And as we pay tribute to our veterans, please remember that we represent all of them, past and present, with our own personal actions.

I cannot stress strongly enough that peers, subordinates and supervisors must never tolerate, condone or ignore sexual harassment or sexual assault.

We all must have the personal courage to Intervene, Act and Motivate others to take action when needed.

Every person aware of any sexual assault should immediately report that incident.

Above all this holiday, we must stand by our responsibilities.

Leaders set an example in everything they do -- from wearing a seat belt to volunteering as a designated driver.

Remember: When you take unnecessary risks or tolerate risky behavior from your Soldiers or friends, it always affects someone else, with devastating consequences sometimes.

I challenge each of you to think "safety first" during this Veterans Day weekend.

As teammates, we need you back at work, supporting the community. As friends, we want you to see you back here safe and sound, always.

Thank you for everything you do for our Soldiers, civilians and families every day.