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As you all know, Fiscal Year 2013 was extremely difficult with significant uncertainties. As we roll into Fiscal Year 2014, we face even more uncertainty, especially with the shutdown of the Government due to lack of an appropriation or continuing resolution.

I appreciate your leadership and teamwork as we worked together to overcome past challenges. As we accept the challenge of this government shut down, leadership and teamwork across the NETCOM team is even more important. It is important that we conduct an orderly cessation of certain functions as directed by the Department of the Army. Those employees who have been designated as non-excepted will receive letters of instruction on the orderly shutdown of their operations and proceed on furlough. All others (military, exempt, and excepted employees) will continue their duties. We owe it to the Army to keep pressing on.

The NETCOM leadership will keep you informed as changes to this situation occur. The NETCOM portal site serves as our primary source for the latest authoritative information. National and local news will also provide status on the shutdown. When an appropriation bill or continuing resolution is signed by the President, orders to resume operations will be received from Department of the Army, and you will be notified when to report for work.

I greatly appreciate your unwavering commitment to our Army and NETCOM during these challenging times. I am confident a solution will be reached soon. Take care of yourself and the person next to you!

Voice of the Army- Army Strong!

Very Respectfully,

Brig. Gen. Pete Gallagher