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ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. (Sept. 17, 2013) - The Distributed Common Ground System-Army support to the Army Intelligence Corps relies on strong industry partnerships, their ingenuity and dedication to Soldiers.

Representatives from small and large businesses from across the country gathered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Aug. 29, to align efforts with the Distributed Common Ground System-Army, or DCGS-A, team to discuss technology integration opportunities.

The DCGS-A Innovation Showcase started with an overview of the future of Army Intelligence, DCGS-A program's schedule, technology focus areas and discussion of how industry can become an active member of the DCGS-A industry partner team. Discussion topics also included Army Intelligence 2020, Persistent Surveillance and the Intelligence Enterprise, and overviews of the Information and Intelligence Directorate, or I2WD, and Intelligence and Security Command laboratory efforts.

"DCGS-A is the Army intelligence analysts' weapon system, much like the tank is to a tank Soldier. It provides them with the linkage from space to mud -- send, receive, query data, and the collaboration ability to do their job," Lt. Gen. Mary Legere, deputy chief of staff, G-2 explained.

"We have responsibilities not only to the Army, DCGS-A is the intelligence foundation for combatant commanders who rely on our data and enterprise," Legere said. "Without DCGS-A, we can't provide the full battlefield picture to operational commanders to make critical decisions. Our industry team makes that intelligence fusion possible."

More than 500 people attended the Innovation Showcase which also featured about 50 industry displays during the afternoon technology exhibition. This venue offered industry an opportunity to lay out new and emerging technology that may be the right fit to align with the DCGS-A technology.

"Our industry partners have contributed directly to our ability to provide the best intelligence to our Soldiers," said Col. Charles Wells, project manager for DCGS-A.

"This Innovation Showcase gives us an opportunity to see firsthand some of the new technology, capabilities and solutions industry has to offer," Wells said. "We get a chance to interact with industry teams who are already contributing to our mission and with those who bring some new 'out of the box' technology that could make our program even stronger."

The conversations and networking between industry and the DCGS-A government team is crucial to the agile product development model aligning within the acquisition strategy. The government team has already partnered with many commercial companies from Silicon Valley, along with small and large businesses across the country. The DCGS-A team is continually looking for new, innovative technology capabilities to continue enhancing the DCGS-A program.

Some specific technology focus areas discussed included Ease of Use, Streamlined Workflow Based on Analytical Processes, Training (Computer-Based, Embedded), Actionable Intelligence to the Edge and Knowledge Management.

"We are always searching for innovative technology to support our Soldiers. We meet with users, gather their insight, understand their critical requirements and collect feedback about the program, then we tailor our requirements and focus to meet their needs," said Col. Edward F. Riehle, director for TRADOC Capability Manager -- Sensor Processing.

Industry involvement in the Innovation Showcase began when companies with new, innovative ideas submitted a white paper, participated in previous Innovation Showcase events and then started working in the lab to test out their ability to support the mission.

For more information and to obtain a copy of the briefings go to http://dcgsa.apg.army.mil and https://www.facebook.com/dcgsa.

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