FORT KNOX, Ky. (Aug. 3, 2013) -- The U.S. Army Human Resources Command recently announced fiscal year 2014/2015 Broadening Opportunity Programs for active and Reserve components.Broadening Opportunity Programs, or BOP, offers a chance for commissioned officers, warrant officers and non commissioned officers become the leaders they always dreamed of becoming."These programs are designed for highly motivated, career Soldiers who are looking for a new challenge outside the realm of military training," said Joel Strout, manager for Broadening Opportunity Programs under the Human Resources Command, or HRC, Officer Personnel Management Directorate's Leader Development Division in the Advanced Education Programs Branch.The BOP manager encouraged service members to research the programs and to apply to those for which they are eligible. However, they cannot apply for any other programs if they apply for the White House Fellowship; the Chief of Staff, Army, Strategic Studies Group; or the British Advanced Command and Staff Course, each of which begins in summer 2014.The following programs are open for those interested to apply:1. Army Cyber Command Scholarship (MILPER 13-224) -- Apply by Jan. 10, 2014.2. Arroyo Center Fellowship (MILPER 13-218) -- Apply by Jan. 10, 2014.3. British Advanced Command and Staff Course (MILPER 13-214) -- Apply by Nov. 15.4. Chief of Staff, Army, Strategic Studies Group, or CSA-SSG (MILPER 13-217) -- Apply by Oct. 15.5. Congressional Fellowship (MILPER 13-227) -- Apply by Jan. 10, 2014.6. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Service Chiefs' Fellows Program, or DARPA-SCFP -- Two officers are selected per quarter: Now accepting applications for the January to March 2014 session.7. General Wayne A. Downing Scholarship -- Details will be announced soon. 8. Headquarters, Department of the Army, Harvard Strategist Program (MILPER 13-219) -- Apply by Jan. 10, 2014.9. Information Assurance Scholarship Program (MILPER 13-216) -- Apply by Dec. 6.10. JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship Program, which offers internships with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Army Staff (MILPER 13-226) -- Apply by Jan. 10, 2014.11. George and Carol Olmsted Scholars Program -- Details will be announced soon.12. The Asia-Pacific Center Fellowship for Security Studies -- Details will be announced soon.13. The George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies Fellowship -- Details will be announced soon.14. The Department of State Strategic Policy Planning Fellowship -- Details will be announced soon.15. Training With Industry, or TWI, Program -- Contact your career manager for details.16. White House Fellowship (MILPER 13-215) -- Apply by Dec. 6. BOP CAN HELP YOU WITH Intermediate Level EducationAlthough BOP opportunities don't normally provide Military Education Level training, five of them count as forms of Advanced Operations Course, or AOC, under Intermediate Level Education, or ILE, which was once known as Command and General Staff College. ILE is done in two phases: Common Core, which all Army officers must take, and Advanced Operations Course, which is tailored, based on the branch of the officer, said Charles "Chris" Worrill, program manager for Intermediate Level Education, or ILE, under HRC Officer Personnel Management Directorate's Leader Development Division in the Military Schools Branch.For example, most basic branch officers take ILE AOCs that prepare graduates to serve as staff members and commanders with the ability to build and lead operational and tactical formations in full-spectrum operations, Worrill said. ILE AOC credentialing opportunities available under Broadening Opportunity Programs are: 1. Army Cyber Command Scholarship2. Congressional Fellowship3. General Wayne A. Downing Scholarship4. Olmsted Scholars Program5. JCS/OSD/ARSTAF Internship Program. GETTING ASSISTANCE"I'm happy to answer any questions; the only thing I ask is that you read the MILPER first," said Strout, whose contact information is on the HRC BOP web page, Opportunity Programs. To view MILPER Messages, go to or go to the HRC home page at and look under "Popular HRC Resources."