FORT SAM HOUSTON, Texas -- The Spouses' Club for the Fort Sam Houston community held a membership drive luncheon Aug. 27 at the Army Community Services building to raise awareness, to bring new military spouses into the fold, and to continue to foster already established beneficial relationships across the community. With such a diverse Fort Sam community, with its mix of different types of units, organizations, services and components, the spouses' club leaders want to make sure everyone understands: In this club, all are welcome. "My goal from today's event is to show the Fort Sam spouses we're an open to all ranks, all services, all walks-of-life type of group," said Joy Kellner, president of the Fort Sam Spouses' Club. "My idea is to enrich each other. We all have something to offer and have new ideas -- this is the place to give them a spark." The spouses' club was established to bring military wives or husbands together to share their experiences and offer support to one another, especially during times when their military half was away on a deployment. The club also offers assistance and scholarships, and use the Fort Sam Thrift Shop as a means generate the funds for that assistance. And while deployments are becoming less frequent, the need for sharing and support remains and will continue to be necessary. Kellner is on her second year as president of the Spouses' Club. She said she has made great efforts, with the support of those who volunteer and are members of the club, to provide as many ways as possible to provide spouses an opportunity to take part in the community. Attending the event was a variety of participants -- some new to the club and some who have been supporters for much of their military careers. "It's a pleasure to be here to serve our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines at this wonderful joint base," said Jolly Miller, the chief of family programs for the Installation Management Command. Miller offers culinary advice and ideas to those interested within the group. Also attending were the club's various chairpersons, such as the Bunco club, the book club or the craft club, all of whom invest their time and energy into what the organization offers. "We are a fine model for an all-ranks organization," said Mary Ann Haun, the evening Bunco coordinator for the Bunco club. "This club, in particular within the Army network, works very well this way." Haun said she also wants to remind everyone that the club is open for both fame and female spouses. During the luncheon, club members held a fashion show through using clothing entirely from the Thrift Shop as the members, those new and those who have been members for quite some time, mingled with one another and enjoyed the bountiful spread of food. Following the fashion show, many stayed and talked with each other. "This year, we want to try and develop better liaisons and relationships with the other organizations and units on Fort Sam Houston by partnering up," said Kellner. "We can serve as a conduit of information to get the word out. Most of all, I want to remind everyone we're all on the same playing field as military spouses."