UNITED ARAB EMIRATES -- "No one is more professional than I! I am a noncommissioned officer, a leader of Soldiers!"

1st Battalion, 14th Field Artillery Soldiers boomed out the NCO Creed as the battalion welcomed nine new "Steel Warrior" NCOs Aug. 18 in a NCO induction ceremony. It was the first induction ceremony for the battalion in their deployed post in United Arab Emirates.

The inductees were Sgts. Dominique Livas, Gregory Levy, Joseph Hernandez, Steven Bryant, Andrew Sterbonic, Brooks Robinson, Duvina Segurabalcinovic, Kevin Thornton and Chester Chapman.

Sponsors of the new NCOs walked in and introduced the new sergeants to the guests which included not only American forces, but many international allies as well. During the induction, the new NCOs were asked loudly by junior enlisted Soldiers, to "treat me with respect, sergeant," "train me for the elements, sergeant" and "train me, sergeant, that one day I too can be called sergeant."

Command Sgt. Maj. Carlos Soto-Bonilla, 75th Fires Brigade CSM, echoed that reminder as he told the NCOs they are now looked upon to know and do what is right in the eyes of their Soldiers. Soto-Bonilla served as the guest speaker for the event.

Following his remarks, the new NCOs were sworn-in with "The Charge of the NCO."

The ceremony placed specific emphasis on what the Army expects from their leaders. Parts of the ceremony, such as the recitation of the NCO Creed, shed light on what is expected of the newly-inducted NCOs, especially in their deployed environment.

The NCOs raised their right hands together and swore, "I will discharge carefully and diligently the duties of the grade to which I have been promoted and uphold the traditions and standards of the Army ..." Then, they formed a line by row and passed through an archway painted with all the enlisted leadership ranks, handmade for the event.

"Passing through the arch was special as it was ... constructed out here in a deployed environment," said Sgt. Angela Weise, an NCO attending the ceremony.

Command Sgt. Maj. Dan Nolen, 1-14th FA CSM, officiated the ceremony, welcoming each of his new NCOs into the NCO Corps as they passed through the arch.

"It made me proud to bear witness to these outstanding men and women ascending the ranks and being recognized publicly in this fashion. Clearly the sergeants put a great deal of effort into mastering their military trades as well as providing the commitment to memorize their lines for the ceremony which they then delivered flawlessly," said Nolen.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone gathered in the room sang the Army song and all inductees received framed copies of Field Manual 7-22.7, The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide, the charge of a NCO, and the NCO Creed to provide guidance throughout their careers.

The Steel Warriors have been deployed to the United Arab Emirates since April to perform security operations, deliver timely and accurate fires and build a trusting relationship with international allies. This partnership promotes security, stability and mutual interest in the region.