CAMP VICTORY, Iraq - Always considered a place of worship, on the first and third Friday of each month, the Honor Chapel on Camp Victory is also a classroom.

"Every Soldier needs to prosper and learn how to cope, day-to-day while deployed," Chap. (Maj.) Paul Ramsey, the division family life chaplain for Multi-National Division - Center, said of the Deployment Enrichment training. "Each topic helps them stay connected to their spouse and family."

The division chaplains offer this training to all Soldiers, not just those with significant others, twice each month.

"It's not just for those who are married, or have boyfriends or girlfriends," said Sgt. Julio Sandoval, a Visalia, Calif., native, who attended the July 11 training about communication. "This training is good for dealing with friends and co-workers too. Some people just don't have good communication skills, and this teaches them."

The communication training covered topics such as conflict regulation, solving problems right away, and handling contempt and the "silent treatment," to name a few. Ramsey gave Soldiers a technique for good communication and outlined what both the speaker and listener should do to keep positive communication flowing.

Ramsey, of Indianapolis, was this month's speaker; each training course has a different focus and a different speaker. Chap. (Capt.) Michael Jones, chaplain for MND-C, manages the program and schedules the focus and speaker for the training.

Each session is videotaped and sent back home to the Family Readiness Groups so that they can see the training also.

"I think it's good that the FRGs are seeing this too," said Sandoval, a Jazz Combo drummer for the 10th Mountain Division Band. "Both sides have to know how to communicate."

The chaplains see approximately 70 Soldiers go through the training, every month.

"It's well worth the time spent," Ramsey said. "This training can help many and have a positive influence throughout the deployment and for the Families."